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My journey to Birth Work 

Hello! My name is Racquel. I am an advocate to my core. I have always been passionate about advocacy and support. It is my belief that we can all make better decisions when armed with the right information. We have choices in everything we do. I feel that when we make decisions from a place of being informed we feel better about the choices we make. 

My background is in education, counseling and advocacy. My journey to birth work began after the birth of my son and subsequent pregnancy losses. Through these experiences I was able to see the importance and need of birth workers to support families. Pregnancy, child birth and pregnancy loss are sacred times and can also be scary. It is my goal to help ease the fear and focus more the on the sacredness of this time. Birthing women deserve and need support during all stages of birth they are in, whether that is pregnancy, miscarriage, still birth, abortion, birth and postpartum.


My Philosophy

Birth is a sacred time that should be honored. It is my belief that all wombmen know how to birth and all babies know how to be born. When we honor this process as we should we will be in awe of how perfectly nature and the wombman’s body works. 

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