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Professional Services for Providers and Organizations

At The Queen's Collective, we are committed to supporting providers and organizations in their mission to offer comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals navigating perinatal loss. Our professional services are designed to enhance your ability to support your community effectively through tailored training, consulting, and resource development.

Our Services


  • Expert guidance on integrating perinatal loss support into your service offerings.

  • Strategies for working with community-based doulas and hospital integration.

  • Maternal/Child Health Equity consulting.

  • Birthwork and violence prevention strategy.

  • Anchoring community-based care.

  • Cycle of violence prevention.

  • Community violence intervention.

Grief Support Circles

  • Facilitation of grief and healing circles, either in-person or virtually.

  • Training for your team to conduct effective grief support sessions.

  • Development of rituals and standards of care for perinatal loss.

  • Detailed descriptions and schedules for grief circles.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

  • Public speaking and education sessions on the importance of perinatal loss support.

  • Customized workshops for corporate and conference settings, including but not limited to:

    • After Shock panel discussion and screening

    • Group Sound Bath and guided meditation booking

Training and Professional Development

  • Training programs for professionals supporting families and individuals impacted by perinatal loss.

  • Workshops covering a range of topics such as:

  • Understanding implications of legislation on women’s health Beyond Roe (not limited to)

  • Self-care for caring professionals

  • Wellness for care professionals (immersive experience)

  • The State of Black Women’s Health

  • Pregnancy Loss across generations

  • Stories of our wombs

  • Sacred womb space

Advocacy and Resource Building

  • Development of a Resource Building Tool Kit tailored to your organizational needs.

  • Research strategies to support your resource development efforts.

  • Advocacy for families and individuals impacted by perinatal loss.

Wellness Programs

  • Group sound baths and guided meditation sessions for care professionals.

  • Programs focused on wellness and self-care for healthcare providers.

Products for those you serve

  • Pregnancy Loss Gift Boxes: Bulk orders available to support your patients.

  • Embracing Light After Loss Guided Journal: A valuable resource for those navigating grief.

  • Selah Affirmation Deck: Tools to offer support and encouragement.

Why Partner with Us?

The Queen's Collective is dedicated to fostering an environment of understanding, support, and healing. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each organization, ensuring that you can provide the best possible care to your community.​

Contact Us

For more information on how The Queen's Collective can support your community, organization, or team, please contact us. Let’s work together to create a supportive and compassionate care model for perinatal loss.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Support Due to Pregnancy Loss?

If you know someone or a family dealing with the loss of a pregnancy, our specialized resources and compassionate support services are here to help. Guide them to find the care and understanding they need to navigate their grief.

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