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In the quiet moments when the world feels hushed, and emotions surge like a tide, finding solace can seem like an insurmountable journey. This guided journal, carefully crafted for those who have experienced the profound pain of pregnancy loss, aims to be a companion along the intricate path of healing.

"Embracing Light After Loss: A Guided Journal for Healing" is a sacred space for your thoughts, feelings, and memories. It's a place where your emotions are not only acknowledged but embraced, as you traverse the complexities of grief and begin to mend the fragments of your heart.

This guided journal is suitable for people healing from a recent pregnancy loss or loss of their baby or one from further in the past. Both parents can benefit from using this journal.



****Copy can be signed by the author and a special, personalized note can be added. ****

*** Bulk ordering is available! Intersted in ordering 20 or more copies for your group or to donate to a local hospital??? Please send us an amil to inquire about pricing.***


Embracing Light After Loss: A Guided Journal for Healing After Pregnancy Loss

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