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Nurturing Strength and Healing in Your Momentous Journey

Join a community dedicated to providing care, support, and understanding, tailored to your unique path.

Compassionate Support Through Every Part of Your Birthing Journey

At The Queen’s Collective Birthing, we walk beside you with empathy and support through the beautiful and sometimes challenging journey to parenthood. Whether you’re facing the joys of welcoming a new life, navigating the complexities of pregnancy, or finding a path to healing after loss, our collective is here to hold space for you. We honor the transformative experiences of birth and beyond, recognizing the strength in every step of your journey.


Hear Kristen's Story

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Find compassionate support and resources for navigating pregnancy and infant loss. Our dedicated services provide the care you need during this difficult time.

Our Compassionate Mission

Supporting Your Journey, Embracing All Outcomes: Our primary mission is to stand by Queens and their families through the joy, anticipation, and sometimes, the heartache that can accompany the path to parenthood. With a focus on child loss during pregnancy, we offer a sanctuary of support, helping families heal, find peace, and cultivate strength in the wake of loss.


Professional Services for Providers and Organizations

Enhance your organization's ability to support your community with our expert consulting, training, and resource development services.

Empowerment Through Holistic Doula Services

In addition to specializing in child loss support, we provide comprehensive doula services for pregnancy and postpartum care. Our approach is rooted in education, advocacy, and the belief that every family deserves to feel empowered, informed, and supported—whether celebrating new life or mourning a loss.


Virtual Support

Experience comprehensive virtual support tailored to your needs. From prenatal guidance to postpartum care, we're here to help every step of the way.

A Three-Tiered Approach to Care

Through education, advocacy, and personalized support, we strive to create a calm and empowering environment. Our holistic approach considers the whole being, ensuring that Queens and their families feel confident in their choices and supported in their experiences, from pregnancy through birth and into early parenthood.

Looking for Ways to Support Mothers Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss

Embracing Light After Loss: A Guided Journal for Healing After Pregnancy Loss

Gift Ideas 

Show your love and support with thoughtful gifts that provide comfort and solace. Explore our carefully curated gift ideas to help a grieving mother find peace and remembrance during this difficult time.


Wellness Corner

Promote overall well-being with our holistic wellness programs. Join us for group sound baths, guided meditations, and self-care workshops.

Our Queens' Voices

Embracing the Village: Crystal's Transformation

Crystal Brooks, a holistic psychotherapist and mother, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and embracing the power of receiving support. Discover how Racquel’s doula services and holistic care provided a lifeline, enabling Crystal to navigate motherhood with grace and strength.

A Journey of Strength and Compassion: Kristen's Story

Kristen Coggins shares her profound journey with Racquel from The Queen's Collective Birthing, highlighting the unparalleled support during her stillbirth experience and beyond. Discover the compassionate, intuitive care that transformed her darkest moments into a testament of love and resilience.


Kristen G., Mom

My amazing doula for both Juni and Penny.  I don't even have words for the way she  supported and  labored with me. I know I was high maintenance because the Pitocin and contractions were real. She showed up though and kept supporting me all the way through. After she left my nurse said to me, "Your doula is good. She really advocated for you."  That's not the first time I heard that either. When I had Juni in May, my sister who is a nurse was here. She said, I really like  her, she knows how to advocate!"


J Teasley, Customer

I ordered a comfort gift box for a lifelong friend who recently lost an adult child. I was looking for something different to send and came across these beautifully curated gift boxes. I was able to add a handwritten note and my gift was right on time and greatly appreciated. What a wonderful way to be thoughtful and send a gift that will stand out!

Baby's Clutch

Lisa A. , Customer

I was looking for a way to support  a cousin who recently had a miscarriage. I did not want to be too pushy but also wanted to let her know she was not alone. The Herbal Comfort was perfect. Everything included was very thoughtfully chosen and was  the perfect way to say "I'm thinking of you!" So glad to have found this gem. 

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