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The Queen’s Collective Birthing is grounded in education, advocacy and support. My goal is to help Queens and their families to feel supported throughout their birthing journey. Though my three tiered approach, I hope to cultivate a calm and empowering  experience where Queens and their families can achieve confidence in their choices during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. As a holistic birth worker I look at the whole being as I work with you. I work with Queens to create a plan that helps them achieve the experience they desire. I honor birth as a sacred and transformative time for all involved. Giving birth is not just about birthing a baby but also about birthing a mother. I empower Queens and their families to make informed decisions and experience the magic and the miracle of birth. Using both formal education, personal experience, intuitive guidance and  traditional time honored birthing techniques, I help ease the transition into parenthood. Supporting Queens and their families to find their strength during pregnancy and birth and beyond. I am here to help you have your birth, your way. 



Kristen G., Mom

My amazing doula for both Juni and Penny.  I don't even have words for the way she  supported and  labored with me. I know I was high maintenance because the Pitocin and contractions were real. She showed up though and kept supporting me all the way through. After she left my nurse said to me, "Your doula is good. She really advocated for you."  That's not the first time I heard that either. When I had Juni in May, my sister who is a nurse was here. She said, I really like  her, she knows how to advocate!"


J Teasley, Customer

I ordered a comfort gift box for a lifelong friend who recently lost an adult child. I was looking for something different to send  and came across these beautifully curated gift boxes. I was able to add a handwritten note and my gift was right on time and greatly appreciated. What a wonderful way to be thoughtful and send a gift that will stand out!

Baby's Clutch

Lisa A. , Customer

I was looking for a way to support  a cousin who recently had a miscarriage. I did not want to be too pushy but also wanted to let her know she was not alone. The Herbal Comfort was perfect. Everything included was very thoughtfully chosen and was  the perfect way to say "I'm thinking of you!" So glad to have found this gem. 

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